“Don’t mention it,We have been shopping for so long,Maybe it’s bad luck and don’t know the place,I didn’t even find a 24-hour shop,All other stores are closed。Sanshui City is too strange,Even the store in the old residential area closed early!”

“Maybe the people in Pengshi are too hard to make money?”Amei took the instant noodles in the hotel and said:“Eat this?”
“You are the savior of my stomach!”Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly,About to get up,May smiled and said:“Just rest your feet!Have pity for your little feet??Walked so long,It’s tiring。”
“Ok,I feel sore feet now,I just left forgot the time,Didn’t feel tired,I don’t know if I walked so long,As if there are endless words。”Xiao Xiao didn’t expect that love is such an experience,But it feels more charming than expected。
“It was like this at first,I won’t have that much to say later,Be mentally prepared to accept the gap。”May gave Xiao Xiao a vaccination in advance,Xiao Xiao said without caring:“That’s okay,Two people are very happy together。”
May not say anything,Just laugh,This mood,She had it too……
Chen Wenjin held Xiao Xiao’s hair,Thinking about the current development,I’m still here。
however,Since it has started,It’s boring to hold the mindset of the previous concerns。
Let’s go with the flow,You don’t necessarily need to worry about things so long。Chen Wenjin put her hair,Before sleeping,I’m thinking about the duck blood fans planned tomorrow morning。
Chen Wenjin found the store in his memory,Because it’s easier,There are no similar stores around。
Xiao Xiao is generally interested in duck blood fans,Think it’s ok,What she likes more is to see Chen Wenjin’s appetite after eating four bowls。
“Do you like eating so much?”
“Look at this bowl,A little smaller than our usual rice bowl,I wonder why。There is also a good one at Pengshi Food Street,The bowl is so small,Probably the tradition of duck blood fans?”Chen Wenjin’s duck blood fans who are thinking about the future slowly adapt to the times,He watched and ate four bowls,In fact, it’s just a big bowl of rice noodles。
At this moment,Conversation between two young men who just sat down,Attracted Chen Wenjin’s attention。