but,Lu Menglin knew this was just an illusion,Because these are external forces,Just temporarily caused this illusion to myself。

If you crave this false feeling,Use this life energy arbitrarily,Just make myself like last time,Abrupt energy imbalance in the body,Not cut off the pulse in time,Will explode and die。
Lu Menglin doesn’t want to be like last time,Lie on the bed for ten and a half days,Don’t want to burst into death。
Way of Heaven,Make up for。Lu Menglin silently recites the skill in that booklet,With the power of mind,Mobilize excess energy in the body,Slowly return to the Tai Sui mother。
This is called to have come and go,Heavenly Way。
really,With the output of life energy,The energy in Lu Menglin’s body has reached a state of equilibrium again。
Don’t know how long it took,Lu Menglin finally opened his eyes,Gently put the Tai Sui mother in her palm on the table。
now,He is full of energy,Full recovery,And the body is nourished by life energy,There is a new feeling。
Gaze across the house,I noticed that my vision is much brighter than before,Many details in the house that have not been paid attention to before are clearly visible,At a glance。
Lu Menglin walked to the window,Look through the night,Fell into a dark dense forest。
Hear all kinds of insect sounds in the ears,Like a lively symphony。
Look through the night,Can clearly see many small creatures hiding in the dark,Lu Menglin suddenly felt the vitality emanating from the entire jungle。
Suddenly feel,I seem to merge with the whole jungle,Life level has been sublimated,Even produce
Gave birth to the wonderful taste of mastering everything。
this moment,Lu Menglin knew that he was on the right path,His physique has been tempered by life energy,Began to become different from ordinary people。
Early next morning,Lu Menglin came to the rock wall deep in the dense forest again。
A thought,Gang Jin played,Blasted out nine punches in one breath,The rock wall rumbling,Stone chips are flying everywhere。
All of the nine punches carry strength,It’s more powerful than before。
Lu Menglin closed his fist and stood still,Calm,Because he knows,Compared with yesterday’s physical strength,Has made a qualitative leap,Jiuquan Gang Jin bursts out,It only consumes less than one-third of the physical strength。