Really speechless。

How should Xiao Fan answer Lin Yoona to that question??
If you answer yes,Doesn’t it seem that I am too arrogant。
but,If you say that you answer negatively,if that’s the case,Don’t you seem to be too hypocritical??
after all,A big family like the Shen family,Stomping casually in Yunshi,Yunshi is going to have three earthquakes。
Even if it’s such a family,It’s also with my own help that I can achieve such a result today,So you can never answer negatively。
So,At this moment,Xiao Fan suddenly felt that his words were poor,Because he doesn’t know how he should answer Lin Yoona, it’s more appropriate。
Lin Yoona is sitting in the passenger seat of the car,I’ve been observing the changes in Xiao Fan’s expression,So for any small movements on Xiao Fan’s facial expressions,It can be said that it all got into Lin Yuner’s eyes。
Lin Yuner seems to feel very helpless about Xiao Fan’s embarrassment,Isn’t it a problem??As for making him embarrassed like this??
As the so-called thought of,If you can’t find a suitable answer for yourself,So in order not to suffocate myself,So just ask it out。
so,I waited for Lin Yoona for a long time,But after not getting a satisfactory answer from Xiao Fan,,She really asked:“Xiao Fan,Isn’t it such a simple question??Do you really want to think about the answer for so long??”
Xiao Fan shook his head speechlessly,And said to Lin Yuna:“No need to!”
“If not needed,Then don’t you give me an answer quickly!”Lin Yoona obviously didn’t expect Xiao Fan to tell herself that she didn’t need to think about it for so long.。
but,Since you don’t have to think about it for so long,Then why not give yourself a satisfactory answer quickly?
What is he waiting for?
Is it possible that I am still waiting for myself to serve him。
Xiao Fan noticed Lin Yuner’s unkind look at her,I trembled for no reason,Then hehe smile,To Lin Yoona:“Yoona,It’s not that I don’t want to answer you,Mainly,It’s your problem, he’s too embarrassed, right!”