sometimes,People don’t need to be smart,No need for a strong talent,Just do things seriously、careful,Can actually make a difference,Achieve a career in your own position。

“Ok!We really need to strengthen management in this area in the future。but,Don’t blame everyone this time,Situation is very special。”Ye Xin still maintains everyone。
Curator Fang nodded slightly,I know you can’t blame everyone for not working hard。If like Ye Xin said,A piece of wood kiln is sandwiched between two pieces of folk kiln porcelain,That’s really hard to find。
Mainly two porcelain bowls from the folk kilns are of no value at all,It won’t get much attention,It is natural to be ignored。
Ye Xin continued:“That Populus is really amazing。”
Curator Fang listened,Suddenly smiled:“and so,You need to communicate more,More contacts in the future,The relationship goes further……”
Ye Xin rolled his eyes,This is a bit bad,Why does it sound like a red thread,Introduce her to be in the same relationship as Hu Yang?
The two soon came to the heritage restoration area,I saw Hu Yang and others。Mr. Chen is still doing the appraisal carefully,Face full of excitement。Populus on the side looks a bit boring,No one cares。
Curator Fang boasted as soon as he came:“Xiao Hu,Well done。”
Populus euphratica is slightly embarrassed,This treasure,He wanted to go along,Just helpless,Did not succeed。Now I hear the praise from the owner,A little embarrassed。
“Didn’t I make a mistake??and,Is it a treasure,Hard to say!”
Director Fang doesn’t believe this nonsense,With your ability,I can’t tell if it’s a treasure?Who does this show??
but,He is also more wary of Populus,I reminded Ye Xin just now,This guy will come to their museum from now on,Can’t let him take away a piece of debris,This kid’s eyes are too poisonous。
“Strength discovery,It’s okay to hit or hit by mistake,I have to thank you anyway。Ok!I will let someone give you a pennant,I believe you don’t need the bonus。”Curator Fang is a rare joke。
The audience in the live room,After listening to Director Fang,And seeing Hu Yang’s depressed expression,Straightforward:Fun!The emotional curator is also a stubborn person。
“Xiao Fang,You come see,Is it Chai Kiln Porcelain?。”Mr. Chen heard what Director Fang said,Just noticed his arrival,Immediately greeted happily。
The firewood kiln was fired by Zhou Shizong Chai Rong in the early years of Zhou Xiande in the Five Dynasties,From Zhengzhou, Henan, Northland at the time,But no physical objects and ruins have been discovered so far。