“I’ll be late for my stall,Don’t be distracted in college,Concentrate on doing your studies well,Your father and I are already very guilty of you,I can never drag you down!”

Sitting by the bed with Bai Lu and talking,Bai Lu’s mother’s words,Sigh。
Bai Lu comforted her mother softly,To the boring people like Yuan Brothers and Xiang Chen in my heart,Is getting more and more contemptuous。
Thinking of good luck today,You and your mother can get away without danger,If it changes to the past,It’s inevitable to be molested by Yuan or Yuan Ye。
Took a breath,Looking through the window to the sunset,Bai Lu believes that every day in the future will be better than the day before,Then become the best self,Cure the sick father in bed,Let mother worry about food and clothing。
When not in college,Facing the sunset every day is the time Bai Lu is enjoying,Immersed in every moment,Bai Lu would think that the world is worth it。
In Bai Lu’s most enjoyable time,There is a knock on the door。
Bai Lu was taken aback,Then hopped over and opened the door。
Few neighbors come to Bai Lu’s house,The reason is his father’s serious illness,I borrowed all the channels where I can borrow money,Until now, Bai Lu still vaguely remembers when she was a child,The look of relatives and neighbors who avoid themselves and their mother,This dilemma lasted until Bai Lu’s high school era,At that time Bai Lu’s scholarships began to grow。
“It’s not that Aunt Wang gave us the subsidy from Dad,Someone wants to rent our house!”
Bai Lu first ran to her mother who was preparing meals and said happily,Then went to open the door。
After studying at university,Bai Lu spends less time at home,So his room was vacated,Think twice,The mother and daughter decided to rent out the small room,An income of a few hundred yuan a month is much better than no income!
I think whether it is Aunt Wang from the neighborhood committee or the tenant,Can bring himself a lot of income,Bai Lu couldn’t control the smile on her face。