natural,One‘Long-term residency’,Definitely better than before Nirvana‘Beijing residency’Such as noble tens of thousands of times。

The average lineage of the terrestrial human race,With the help of Li Ming and other four people,Of course it’s more due to the struggle of countless human ancestors,Only reached the apprentice level,Ordinary members are only apprentice ninth rank—After all, there is too much human population today。
But the humans on earth,Almost all adults are constant star masters。
Can reach this height,The competition on earth is fierce。
Failed continuous assessment?Lost the right to live on the earth!
40Under-year-old?Lost the right to live on the earth!
Vicious crime?Lost the right to live on the earth!
The red-haired boy Arthur,It’s a typical example of not very talented。
He was born on the home planet,But he has not passed the assessment of progress in practice twice in a row.。
He is now at the sixth apprentice level,In the era of Nirvana,Fourteen-five years old is considered a genius,Placed in the habitat of other humans in the universe,Not bad。
But on earth,Really belong‘Underachiever’。
If three consecutive assessments fail—Even his parents have long-term residency rights on the earth,But he was thrown out of the earth,Go to Mars and other places to live。
At that time,I want to come back unless my strength reaches cosmic level,Or get rich in business to a certain level。
“young people,Do you crave strength?”An ethereal voice came into his mind。
“I long for strength,who are you?”Redhead Arthur is a little confused,Although weak,But he still has basic vigilance—But at the moment I hear the sound,But he failed to raise a trace of suspicion。
“You are willing to pay the price of life and death,In exchange for strength?”
“I。。。”The redhead hesitated,Made a decision quickly:“I do!”
Li Ming, who is only a few kilometers away from him, smiled slightly。