China’s network retail continues to be hot (expert interpretation)

  The "China E-Commerce: The Trend and Prospects of China E-Commerce: Global E-Commerce Market" reported by the Forrester market research company showed that the scale of China’s e-commerce market is expected to reach trillions in 2022.

Chinese consumers are "the largest demand, the forefront, the most eager and innovative digital consumer", 72% of Chinese consumers are listed as "digital front along the pioneer".

  According to the British Broadcasting Company, during the epidemic, China’s live broadcast industry has become an important platform for economic recovery. With the rise of "live band" consumption model, the Chinese market shows powerful potential and vitality, and accelerates the pace of entity business to digital transformation.

    On January 19th, the Ministry of Commerce issued a news report that in 2020, the retail sales of physical goods is trillion yuan, the growth rate of the target, accounting for the total retail sales of the social consumer goods.

China has become the world’s largest online retail market for 8 consecutive years.

  In 2020, China’s network retail results were unveiled, highlighting the toughness and vitality of China’s e-commerce market in the context of epidemic prevention and control. In the past year, e-commerce has been fully reflected in the outstanding role in promotion fees, steady employment, protecting people’s livelihood, and promoting models; online buy vegetables, community group purchase, takeaway delivery, live bands, etc. have become an important way for ordinary people’s daily consumption The digital life era accelerates. Compared with previous years, 2020 network retail continued innovation is more obvious. First of all, live e-commerce has developed rapidly as a network retail innovation model. With more intuitive interactive consumption experience, the e-commerce live more than 20 million; secondly, the new brand leads the new trend of consumption, a number of new domestic goods represented by new domestic goods Become a hot spot of online retail; in addition, the consumption power of rural, county and low-cities is fully released by e-commerce, and consumers in these areas have also become the main source of major e-commerce companies, China’s e-commerce development Equilibrium can continue to be improved.

  In recent years, China’s online retail market has continued to be hot and powerful.

The primary power comes from e-commerce channels and market advantages. E-commerce has received more and more product manufacturers and branders with more efficient circulation speed, wider market coverage, more accurate consumption matching.

E-commerce applications continue to expand, providing a richer product supply for online consumer markets.

At the same time, the hot market in the e-commerce market has also been the mainstream group of "Z Genes" consumers, which is more inclined to meet their needs through online consumption.

In addition, the government increases infrastructure coverage of broadband networks, express logistics, and issued policy support e-commerce development is also an important guarantee for the sustainable development of e-commerce markets.

  Currently, China’s online retail market faces a lot of problems and challenges. "2nd choices" in the online consumer market, the big data is cooked, consumer information leakage, sales infringement goods, etc., it is necessary to further strengthen the management of network retail markets, enhance the standardization of network retail market.

  In recent years, in order to strengthen market supervision and safeguard consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, China’s relevant government departments have issued the "E-Commerce Law" "Electronic Commerce Law" "Network Transaction Supervision Management Measures (Draft for Comment)" "Guidance on Strengthening the Supervision of Network Live Marketing Campaign "Legal provisions and policy measures. These regulations will provide important support to regulate the network retail market. In the future, China’s online retail market must achieve better development and must accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

For a long time, it is especially important to maintain the continuous innovation of the network retail market. After China has built a well-off society in China, we will focus on the new development pattern of the domestic circulation as the main body, the domestic international dual cycle mutual promotion, network retail needs to be found, while serving the consumption upgrade needs, playing the role of consumption, Digital transformation upgrade of service supply side.

These require sustained innovation in scenarios, patterns, technology. (Our reporter Jia Pingfan’s interviews) (Editor: Li Yilin (intern), Li Dong) Share let more people see the recommended reading.