Overnight tea is good for your health.

Overnight tea is good for your health.

Can you drink tea overnight?

We used to think that the overnight tea taste is not good and will produce many unfavorable substances.

Must not drink.

In fact, this is very wrong.

Overnight tea is not not harmful to the body, but causes the body to have many shortcomings.


hzh {display: none; }  隔夜茶水的6大妙  1、祛除口臭的作用:  茶当中含有精油类成分,气味芳香,平时如果常用茶漱口,可以有效祛除口臭。Bad breath is a very serious thing that can seriously affect the social interaction between friends.

If you have a bad breath situation, you may wish to use more tea to gargle.

  2, is conducive to sun protection: summer skin sunburn is a common problem, this time, we can wipe the wound with a towel 蘸 overnight tea.

Because the acid has astringent effect on the skin, the flavonoid compound in tea has a good effect on anti-radiation.

If we are sunburned in the summer, try the overnight tea.

  3, beneficial to stop bleeding: overnight tea also contains a lot of tannic acid, which can effectively accelerate blood coagulation.

If the mouth is bleeding, it can contain sputum. If it is bleeding from the skin, it can be washed with overnight tea.

If you have a skin bleeding situation, you can try it.

  4, effective itching: overnight tea has anti-itch effect, wash your hair with warm warm tea or wipe the body, the fluorine contained in the tea can quickly relieve itching, while also absorbing the effect of eczema.

If you have a headache and itching, you don’t have to bend it all the time. Just try it with overnight tea and you will have a good effect.

  5, has a clear eye effect: in the overnight tea contains tea polyphenols, tea polyphenols antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect is significant.

Therefore, if you have a long-term computer, if your eyes are red, you can wash them every night with tea.

The effect will be amazing.

  6, the role of strong teeth cleaning: fluoride in tea and enamel calcification of teeth, can also effectively enhance the resistance to acid, can reduce the occurrence of teeth.

Fluoride also eliminates plaque.

Therefore, we usually try tea mouthwash, tea is convenient, clean and fast.

  The overnight tea can also effectively remove the astringency. After we have finished eating seafood, the smell of the hand is difficult to remove. We do not hinder the washing of the hands with the tea, and the taste will disappear immediately.