Seeing Zhang Ting’s serious face,Qin Feng is somewhat unaccustomed。

“Look over there!”Zhang Ting holds the wine glass and points to the west,Qin Feng looked in the direction and found that there were a few young people whispering。
“Ok?What happened to them?”Qin Feng puzzled。
“I just passed by,I heard they fell in love with your girlfriend。It must be a trouble for you。So I’m here to remind you。All right,I’m leaving!Actually it’s quite boring here!”
Zhang Ting is simply,After reminding Qin Feng, put the wine glass back on the waiter’s tray and left the scene。
Seeing this scene, Qin Feng couldn’t help but say,“Really a neat person。”
After speaking,He looked at the young people over there again。
of course,Qin Feng didn’t act in a hurry,After all, he and Zhang Ting just met,Why this person kindly reminds himself is a problem。
At this time, Qin Feng naturally didn’t need to believe what the other party said.。So it’s better to watch it become。After all, Qin Feng really doesn’t want to make trouble。
But then again,Qin Feng patrolled for a week,It seems that Jiang Yan is the most dazzling。Even now a few old men can’t help but get close and want to discuss business with Jiang Yan。
It’s just that these middle-aged men are more regular。Even if you really have any thoughts about Jiang Yan,All want to pursue through normal means。They dare not eat tofu in such a place where everyone is in full view。Face after all!
“Boss Liu,Then we have settled this cooperation。”
“Yes,That’s a deal,You leave contact information,We talk slowly.”