starting today,We are also a privileged person。

The members of the second team,To ensure that you can survive the cruel war in the future,Next, I want to educate you about love!
I hope you can understand my good intentions!
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Jump training
“The training location has arrived,Please get off!”
With a statement,Dawn’s hatch opened directly,Then Xin Zhao turned around and smiled at the ladies“Please start now!”
“That one,Let’s not reach the ground yet?”Swallowed saliva,Li Feifei feels like a goddess,Will be under Zhao Xin’s hand,Completely lost。
Return to the ground?
“Well thought,But not suitable for landing here,So I can only stop here and jump,Rest assured,So many people in the Xiongbing Company jumped down,Nothing。Promise,You come to make a sample for your teammates!”Or it means that men are worse!
Especially in a team with a group of women,It’s even worse。
Wu Jiyi wears black armor,Walk straight to the hatch,Good second, just jump down。
“Look at,This is the real man,Next Ari,You are the most beautiful in the second team in my heart,please!”In order to fool Su Xiaoli out,Xin Zhao can be regarded as polite。
And when I heard Xin Zhao’s words,Su Xiaoli was so scared that her legs trembled“That one,I’m not the most beautiful in the second team,The most beautiful is Feifei!”
Li Feifei was so scared that she shook her head and denied,But Wei Ying and He Weilan have already pushed her away。
“Look at Li Feifei’s attitude,The strength of this training,You three should study hard, know??”Xin Zhao selectively ignored Li Feifei’s face that seemed to be crying,I stretched out my hand and took her arm,And pushed her to the hatch,Then I didn’t wait for Li Feifei to get used to it,Just pushed her down。
“next,who is it?”
Su Xiaoli still wants to resist,But her two good sisters don’t give her time to react,Push and drag her out of the corner,And Xin Zhao didn’t help hold it this time,Instead, I stood behind He Weilan at the end。