“Humph!Count him lucky!”King Ning frowned,Helplessly shook his head。

The six princes stared at the superb necklace in the hands of Princess Huanhai with regret.,Seems to hesitate for a moment,Finally gave up a tempting idea。
Whether it is King Ning,Still the Sixth Prince Mili,Very clear in mind,Focus on the overall situation,The attitude of Fashen City will directly affect their chances of competing for the throne in the future,So you can’t play Princess Fantasy Sea’s idea,If the princess wants to protect Wuhao,Most of them can’t shoot。
Princess Huanhai holds this superb tiger-tooth necklace that still carries some human body temperature,Although his face looks flat,There are mixed flavors in my heart。
She didn’t expect,This man named Wu Hao,Gave her too many surprises!
Such an important treasure,He just gave it to himself,And Princess Fantasy Sea knows very well,The reason why Wu Hao would do this,Not because of her status as a princess,But rashly,Really treat yourself as a friend,To make such a kind move。
This abnormal equipment,Shouldn’t have been born,Such an artifact,The best ending is to quietly lie down at the bottom of the warehouse of Fashen City,Never be the best。
I believe this is also the wish of all mage professions in the world,otherwise,Who else would be willing to change to a mage??
“Sorry,This palace may do something very unpleasant!”Princess Huanhai said leisurely。
In full view,She made a move that is extremely difficult to understand。
Princess Huanhai holds the superb tiger tooth necklace in her left hand,Right hand extended index finger,Lightly stroke the necklace with your fingertips,One after another。
Her expression is so focused,As if not standing on the stage right now,And only myself and this necklace are left between heaven and earth。
Everyone has seen the weird behavior of the magic sea princess,But most people don’t understand what she is doing。
Only like King Ning and King Qing,Top people like Fu Wang,I faintly noticed something,But still dare not fully confirm。
Lu Menglin stayed quietly,Silently watched the magic sea princess’s fingertips flicking on the necklace,Sometimes light,Sometimes solemn,Like a master carving,It also seems to coincide with a certain heaven and earth charm。
suddenly,Lu Menglin’s eyes became extra bright。