Chen Xiu let out a long breath,At this moment he can100%Determined that I met Ge Hong last night。

The moment is to tell the story of last night in detail from beginning to end,The five old men on the opposite side are very happy,Ou Jianhua and Qin Bodong are arguing and are about to fly back to Hong Kong Island。
Ye Hongfei is more clear-headed,The analysis says:“Now that the fairy has appeared,This is a good thing。But I don’t think you should hurry back to Hong Kong Island now。”
Both Ou Jianhua and Qin Bodong looked at him puzzled。
“These thirty years,You should also send people everywhere to find Ge Hong’s traces.?”
The two nodded undeniably,Just listen to Ye Hongfei continue:“Return without success。”
The two nodded again,Are all puzzled and listen to what he says。
“Dapeng rises in the same wind in one day,Soaring for ninety thousand miles!”
Ye Hongfei first hung a little bit,I came to a poem and sighed and said:“How can the trace of the fairy be so easy to follow。
If it is destined to see,If Ge Hong doesn’t want to see you in advance,I can’t see him if I dig Hong Kong Island three feet。
Thirty years ago he made an appointment to meet you here,He will definitely be here in a month。
We might as well stick to here。
Chen Xiu had fairy fate last night,Meet Ge Hong,Or let him continue on Hong Kong Island,If you still have fate, you can see Ge Hong again!”
Everyone thinks so,Especially Qin Bodong and Ou Jianhua,They have been searching for Ge Hong for 30 years,No news at all。
When the fairy didn’t want to see you, he turned the earth around and couldn’t find a piece of his sleeve。