At this moment,The door has collapsed。A one-foot-high flame piled up at the door,Play with me。Returning the same way can only be a waste。The skin is constantly dehydrated during the roasting,I feel like my throat is filled with fireballs。What’s more unfortunate is that the thatch on the roof is falling while burning,Fell on my back,Lap,Ass,It’s hot, I’m crying。A handful of unburnt thatch fell on my head,Unexpectedly, my hair is crazier than thatch, I like playing with fire,In the blink of an eye, it started to sizzle,With a disgusting smell of burning feathers。I’m like a prodigal son who regrets deeply after hating myself,More like a madman, slapping his head,A snot and tears mixed in the hoarse voice。

“One end!help me!I can’t hold it anymore!”
“There is a hole one step away on your left,Get out!fast!”He pointed me a big hole in Kangzhuang。Not to mention a hole or a cesspit, I will be overjoyed and plunge into it。I found the hole,He sprang out like a monkey with a burning butt。Too late to get up,I took a handful of mud from the ground and poured it on my head。Just listen“Noisy”Bang,The sound is like water dripping into a hot oil pan,Sizzle。The fire above my head finally went out。before this,I often jokingly intimidate others by telling him something“Sky lantern”,God doesn’t have eyes,I got retribution for talking nonsense。
Just a few minutes of thrilling make me collapse in the mud and can’t get up。I am lying on the ground,Facing the misty sky,Butt facing the muddy ground,Listen to my sins silently。
It may be rainy,It’s getting darker than usual。Seeing the sky is dark,To the point where you can’t go。I was dragged up,He squatted down and lifted me to walk。
“Where to go?”I endure the pain,Do my best,Asked unhappy or unhappy。
“Come back home!”He is just as simple as no nonsense。Today’s action left us both speechlessly frustrated,I don’t want to talk about the matter and I’m afraid the other person will bring it up。
This place is indeed not suitable for long stay。The villagers saw the fire here,Will be swarming in less than twenty minutes。I have no choice,Just like a pig waiting to be slaughtered, letting himself lie on his shoulder like a rock。Not stupid and breathable,He chose the tactic of going back home,This way you can avoid the rush of fellow villagers“Meet”。Walking on the road,Encounter passers-by from time to time。They reacted like they had conspired in advance,Surprisingly consistent。They will stare at you with two curious big eyes and lock you tightly,100 meters away until the missed,They are still stubborn and unyielding, twisting the necks of good deeds and unclear suspicion。Wait until far apart,Far to the distance they had no intention of turning back。I mobilized the muscles of my whole body to keep the two bodies hanging on one head and shoulders strenuously horizontal.,Then I lift my head up a little bit,Try to let yourself look directly at their back and forth。
“grandson!What to see!I am your father!”I screamed out the fire all afternoon。
Listen to this,Slapped my burned butt。I just yelled that I’m exhausted,Heard this,He is like turning on the invincible Hot Wheels and fleeing in the muddy rain。
It’s really fucking hard to suffer。I saw two young people passing by and heard me greet them,And rushed back to us。Are they going to recognize the ancestor or follow the clan?。I’m kidding。I’m not your father nor your grandfather。The two boys think that dad is crazy。
First23chapter Happy Together
Staggered back to the entrance of the village,When I arrived at the entrance of the village, I clearly noticed that his legs were shaking uncontrollably.。He threw me like a sack。He patted his butt and left without a word of care and comfort。
I lie on my back on the damp but soft wheat pile,Open arms,Spread legs,A violent posture。I looked up at the sky,I don’t know when the sky is already starry。This god is really unreasonable。I’m like being cursed by someone,At this moment my head is blank。“One,two,three,four.”In my body there seems to be another self hiding in the dark, forcing a body that has been unable to move。I actually count the stars inexplicably。