Xia Jian has a lot of experience in this area,He feels faintly disturbed。Lin Ling is like a okay person,I want to walk side by side with Xia Jian。But Xia Jian found this strange,He couldn’t help but quicken his pace,In two seconds, Lin Ling was thrown away a long way。

Lin Ling confused,Why did Xia Jian throw her away。Does Xia Jian feel ashamed to walk with her??Shouldn’t be!The face-saving Lin Ling was greatly hurt in her heart。
She couldn’t help slowing down,She doesn’t want to chase Xia Jian anymore。But at this moment,Her phone rang,Lin Ling took out a look,This call turned out to be from Xia Jian。
What’s wrong with this person?You can hear it when you shout so close,Why call?Lin Ling hesitated,But the call is still connected。
Xia Jian’s low voice came from the phone:“Someone is watching us,Two men,The cafe right behind you。So i have to go away from you”
“You think too much!I’m not afraid of what you are afraid of?If you wait for me,I’ll go back”Lin Ling’s voice is loud,It looks like she is really angry。
Xia Jian originally wanted to be good for Lin Ling,I didn’t expect she was angry,So he stopped,Waiting for Lin Ling to approach。But he still looked back,I saw which two men had stood up,It looks like I want to keep up。
Lin Ling walked to Xia Jian,Lower the voice,Very angry and said:“I didn’t expect you to be so scared,Are you afraid that I will hurt you?“
“I want to be good for you,What’s so scary about me as a big man who is not married“What Xia Jian said couldn’t be more clear。Lin Ling glanced behind her suddenly,I stretched my hand over,Put it on Xia Jian’s arm。
Xia Jian surprised,Did Lin Ling deliberately let others see it?,This is tantamount to intensifying the conflict。It seems that her life after marriage is not happy。
Out of the hotel lobby,Lin Ling pulled Xia Jian into a taxi parked outside the door,Then he let go of the hand holding Xia Jian’s arm and said to the driver:“master!Go to Jinshuiwan”
Xia Jian did not speak,But ready to look back,Unexpectedly, Lin Ling moved his head over and said:“What catches your eyes,If they like to follow, let them follow!“
Lin Ling just finished,Her phone rang at this moment。Lin Ling took out her phone from her bag and took a look,Hesitantly connected,Just listen to her:“mom!Don’t listen to him nonsense,I’m with Xia Jian now。what?Do you want Xia Jian to answer the phone?“
Lin Ling said,Chao Xiajian took a look。Xia Jian smiled slightly,Reached out and snatched her phone from Lin Ling。Just listen to the voice of a woman inside:“Hey!Hello Xia Jian!”
“Hello auntie!I am Xia Jian”Xia Jian said with a smile。