Five months later。

A fat mouse collapsed in the jungle without an image。
“Finally passed the test~”Beibei looks unlovable。
Wright sets up a test for Lin Lei and Beibei—to be exact,It’s not easy to let your big disciple set the test。
With lei’s talent,Enough to fight the ultimate master of the sanctuary in human form,Dia counts him through。
The test for Beibei is a little simpler—Based on Beibei。
I have to force Beibei to realize the mystery in the law of wind,The speed increases before it passes。
Beibei collapsed to the ground,Inwardly scolding Dia’s test of pervert。
of course,In fact, Dia is also lamenting the perversion of Beibei, a minor beast。The talent of the Four Mythical Beast family is terrible enough,Beibei’s defense can catch up with the undead,Can catch up with the Tiger Warrior,The law of innate automatic perception,The strangeness is no weaker than the recovery of the Purple Flame Warrior。It also attacked slightly weaker than the Dragon Blood Warrior。
Don’t know,On the noble blood,Beibei can be compared with the ancestors of these four ultimate fighters。
“Big brother,What is the next task the teacher gave me and Beibei?”
Dia spread her hands:“What the teacher meant,If you two can pass my test,It shows that the strength is close to the limit of the sanctuary,The next thing is‘Collect’Up。”
“He asked you two to go to the imperial capital,Old Mr. Drinkwater。”
“Grandpa Delincowater?”Lin Lei was a little surprised。
Beibei’s eyeballs are rolling slightly,Wright has also taught them many god-level powerhouses over the years,One of the best for the two of them is the grandpa Delincowater。
Dia can naturally see through what the two little guys are thinking,Did not expose。
According to the teacher,The two little ones are already pretty good,I have also experienced but lacked the identity of a normal person。