“Let it go!”

Lu Haocheng went to the elevator,The two sits on another elevator to go to the 5th floor.。
Lu Haoge just entered,The phone rang.。
“Hey!Landscape,Where are you now?”
European:“Police station,Are you over??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“ended,How is the situation?,Sub-heng it?”
European:“The child is still in operation,The evidence is all destroyed by them.,Catch a few bodyguards,But they resolutely unconsciously have a relationship with Qin Ning,I all all,Surveillance system for the entire hotel,I only found that the traces of these bodyguards。
Did not find the clues to the joint of Qin Ning。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Qin Ning has always been very careful,She dares to do it like this,Will not leave a certain evidence。”
European:“The monitoring facilities in the fifth floor are all destroyed.,It is difficult to find evidence now.。
And their crime is not,Le Hao and Sister also have a transcript,They will hurt the sin of crime,But Qin Ning can be happy.,Sister Sisi has been http://www.fqrvtu.cn definitely a hand arrangement of Qin Ning.,We have not time。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Hang up,We are thinking about other ways。”
Lu Haozheng is brewing the wind rain,Just in that short time,Blue,elder sister,Le Yu,Her poisonous hand。
Damn woman!Out of the elevator,Lu Haocheng looked around,Seeing Qin Ning has already gone to the end of the walk.,He looked at Qin Ning after entering,Immediately follow the past。
Go to524Doorway,Lu Haocheng knows that there is no room card to enter。
Gu Yi Road:“Hao Jun,I went to take a house card。”
Lu Haozheng holds the door handle,Try to turn,The door is actually open.,He looked down at it.,I was kicked by people.。
Lu Haocheng made a movement of him.,Low voice:“Be kept outside。”
Gu Yi listen,Litened him,I can only wait for it.。
He pushes the door,Seeing Qin Ning and Lu Sin’s back http://www.51knock.cn to the door。
Lu Si is crying whisper,Qin Ning said loudly。
Lu Haozheng put the phone into recordings,At the door,Gently pull the door。
Gu Yi,Look surprised,This is also。
But look at Lu Haozheng’s light car mats,I am afraid that it is often doing this.。
“Grace,You tell Mom,So what happened?
Mu Zihao?”
“Mother,Mu Ziyou hurts,I was injured by the bodyguards.,And I was discovered by Le Yu and Lu Si.,Send a hospital,Mother,Finish,Everything is over。”
Lu Si He said,Whisper crying。
Qin Ning looked with her face.,“You said,Is Mu Ziyu woke up??”
“Um!Mother,He disliked me,He said that I am a woman who is face.。