Eye care, nutrition is very important

Eye care, “nutrition” is very important

The eyes are important organs of the human body. Long-term use of the eyes, such as reading books, watching TV, and computers, can cause eye fatigue, general fatigue, and extreme mental stress; malnutrition, the end result is decreased vision.
銆€銆€Common symptoms of eye fatigue are headache, brain swelling, dry eyes, long-term eye fatigue, which can cause vision loss and work efficiency.
銆€銆€As for modern people, due to TV, computer, homework and work, excessive use of the eyes, sore eyes, easy to tears, fatigue, allergies, fear of light, vision loss, etc., usually eat more foods that benefit the eyes, there will already be veryGreat help.
銆€銆€What foods can supplement the nutrition of the eyes?
銆€銆€The first is protein, such as lean meat, poultry, animal internal organs, fish and shrimp, milk, eggs, beans and so on.
Protein is a necessary raw material for human tissue repair, and of course it is very important for the eyes.
銆€銆€Followed by vitamins A and C, vitamin A can prevent dry eye and night blindness, eliminate eye fatigue, long-term lack of vitamin A, vision will decline sharply, so you should get enough vitamin A every day.
Vitamin C is one of the ingredients that make up the eyeball crystals. If you lack vitamin C, you are prone to cataract.
Therefore, friends who lack vitamin A and C should eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially carrots, leeks, green peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, fresh dates, raw pears and oranges.
銆€銆€Finally, the eye exercises we often mention can not be ignored, often massage the left and right brows, the middle point of the eyebrows, the middle point of the lower eyelids, the inner corner of the eye.
It helps with vision.