What colors make magic items happy for you

What colors make magic items happy for you

If you and a group of friends are exploring the forest, you don’t expect to encounter a heavy fog in the middle, and the fog disperses, but you are left alone in the forest.

At this time, you are faced with a fairy girl. You can choose one of the magic items in her hand to accompany you through difficulties. Which one will you choose?


铜镜 2.

Copper mirror 2.

Golden apple 3.

Hawthorn 4.

Tree Species 5.

Crystal stone answer analysis: 1.

Choose the happy color of bronze mirror: bright white, pure, pure, idealistic, is your quality.

You will always make things more complete in a rational and objective way.

Choose the golden apple happy color: yellow you are the little sun in the eyes of friends, good at making laughter and tears.

However, you are often too smart to be a quibble or too much repetitive anger.


Choose the happy color of hawthorn: red outgoing, lively. You have a strong dominance and like a projecting soul figure.

Love and hate are clear, if you are happy, you will be happier.


Choose the happy color of the tree species: green generous, very sensitive you like to take care of others.

In fact, your desire to control is very strong, and you are afraid of losing the ability to control the overall situation.


Choose the crystal stone happy color: purple mysterious purple is the representative of sensitivity.

You are easily depressed, and your mood is always between heaven and hell.