“Xin Zhao and Qilin,You two are shooting at a distance,I will let the black armor record the number of attacks you two have endured,Then decide the outcome。Is there a problem?”

“All right,Then go!”
The roar of the plane arrives,A group of people quickly set off on the plane under the leadership of Lena。
If they expected,So today we still have to do jump training。
have to say,This jump training,If you practice a few more times,feel pretty good。
“Start now,Dress,Time cannot exceed one minute!Start!”
Dress for one minute,If it is so long,Then when the war broke out,The day lilies are cold。
“rose,Two seconds!
Xin Zhao,Three seconds!
Qilin eight seconds!
Cheng Yaowen20second!
Liu Chuang25second!
Rui Mengmeng30second!
Ge Xiaolun48second!”
Count everyone’s dressing time,For the figures of Qiangwei and Xin Zhao,Lena is satisfied,Qilin is OK,But Ge Xiaolun is a big difference。
“Now start to remove armor,Start!”
The first one is of course Qiangwei,The second is Xin Zhao,The third one is Qilin,The order is the same as last time,It’s just that time is better than dressing,Sooner。