Little cousin’s face collapsed:“Uh……”

Yuan Jia is not used to his son’s problems,Keep saying:“You haven’t done business,The same business,Your brother will make money,Do you think it changed you,You can make a lot of money?If your elder brother finds you the job you can’t make money,What do you plan to do?Let your brother find you a profitable business?”
Little cousin has nothing to say now,Although he is still unconvinced,But I have to admit that my mother is right,People are different,The same business,My cousin will do it,Might make a lot of money,Can be another person,It’s impossible to lose your pants。
Little cousin does not speak,But Yuan Jia didn’t plan to end,These years,The younger son probably thinks he has made money,A little down to earth、A little floating,Yuan Jia always wanted to find a chance“Pump”This kid,I just couldn’t find the opportunity,Now have such a good opportunity,How could she miss it?:“one more,There are just a few auto production units in China,Why do people give you the design work?You are your cousin of Chen Geng?Nonsense!Although I don’t know how much it costs to design the car,But I want to have hundreds or even tens of millions,Before you prove your ability,Why do people give you this much money??”
As living under a pair of roofs30Couple of years,I heard my mother-in-law said this,Where did Chen Hongjun not understand Yuan Jia’s meaning??Yuan Jia’s voice fell off,He just nodded again and again:“Just!Your mom is right,Why do people give you such a big business??”
Speaking of which,He turned his head and glanced at Chen Geng,Said:“It’s not your brother in the end?”
Poor little cousin,I can’t say a word when I was run by my father and mother。
What can i say?
Said that I can bring business with my true ability?What a joke,SAIC、BAIC、FAW、Second car、These large domestic automobile manufacturing plants such as Changan,Which one has no relationship with my cousin??And I’m watching,It can only be these companies,As for going abroad to pull business,I can’t even think about it,But if you are pulling business in China,,Why can I get the business?to be honest,In the end, it’s not like my father and mother said,Relying on his cousin’s face。
so,Talk about it,My cousin can’t get around anyway。
It’s Yuan Jia,After seeing my son being trained by her husband,Took advantage of the situation,Said:“Chen Geng,Now that you said, you also plan to establish an automobile R&D center in China,Can you bring your brother??Ok,Don’t have to give him any shares,Just give him a chance to exercise。”
This is my old mother,Chen Geng doesn’t know the meaning of Yuan Jia’s words?He smiled,Said:“such,Let me talk about my thoughts,Listen to you?”
Yuan Jia and Chen Hongjun nodded hurriedly,Even the little cousin is no exception,I prick my ears to hear what my cousin wants to say。
“I do have the idea to build a complete、Integrated vehicle design、Large-scale engineering realization and vehicle testing in one、Comprehensive automotive industry design and R&D center,The entire project is about1100 million dollars,But want to make this,Must get a few partners,”Chen Geng said:“Since my brother is willing to do this,My initial thoughts are,I personally fund50%,SAIC、BAIC、FAW、Companies like Changan and Hafei that have a cooperative relationship with me account for45%Shares of,My little brother and his team invested with technology and some capital,Take the last remaining5%Shares of,Don’t know what you think?”