Jian Guang went directly to the sky green ape python below,But Xia Chenglong did find that the guy did not respond。

Jianguang didn’t hit the opponent at the last moment,But shift,Fall to the side,Led to a bottomless gully there。
The ancient sword still hovering behind Xia Chenglong,Looking at the behemoth right now。
“how,The dignified sky green ape python will also be afraid?”
Just after Xia Chenglong,This guy suddenly shrinks,Then he knelt on the ground with a plop。
Why is this so?
“the host,I have been waiting for a long time,I’ll be around you from today。”
“Speak clearly!”
“Yes,I am the spirit beast of Wan Jianzong,So the master awakened my memory when he used the ancient sword just now,The one who can use the ancient sword is the elder or the master of my Wanjian Sect,I will naturally guard。”
Xia Chenglong scratched his head,Probably means he understands,It’s just too nonsense, right?!
I just wanted to use this guy to try his hands and feet,Good now,Who became him directly。
You know that the opponent is a half-step 7th level guy,What asks the gods,I’m afraid I can’t hold two moves in front of this guy。
and so……
“You really want to follow me?”
“Yes,If the owner does not believe,Can sign a unilateral blood contract with me。”
The other party said so,Then naturally there is no problem,As for the blood contract, forget it,Compared to mandatory agreement,What he cares more about is following willingly。
“Ok,It’s not interesting to stay here,You just go with me,But the name is not good,How about calling you green pheasant from now on?”
“Green pheasant is willing to follow the owner。”