Elder Yi, who was a little messy at first, found something wrong in the fight with the small coalition forces.,Did not encounter a strong opponent,I didn’t meet an organized team,The organization on the Five Elements Island is even worse,He realized that Cuiweifeng and Zhujifeng were the key points,Secretly scold yourself for being confused,After such a delay, I missed the tragic fight under Pillar Peak.。

Brief confrontation,Liu Jiajun couldn’t support it anymore,No commander,Form a disc,So it crashes quickly,Run away,Elder Yi has no intention to hide,Check Qi after hurriedly retreating、Credit to the two elders,And the damage to the center,Don’t know,I took a breath after seeing it。
After this rebellion,The fracture of the Five Elements Island has hurt the bones,Most of the core combat power was killed or injured,Liyun Brothers,And the rebellious Elder Jin died on the spot,And Elder Qi was seriously injured,Even if it is fully treated, it is difficult to return to heaven,Only rely on the elixir,Also to satisfy his wish to meet the Lord of the Youth Palace again,And the situation of the teenager is not good,Severely injured again without healing,Basically it’s dying。
It happened that the five personal guards around the boy didn’t know what was going on,No one is allowed near the juvenile,It also shows the distrust of Elder Yi,Protecting the young man back to the other hospital,Close the gate,No sound ever since。
Elder Yi has no time to care,Many important things are waiting for him to handle,First enter the center of the big formation,Re-open the defense and early warning functions of the Great Array,such,Even if the big formation was broken through a big hole,Also has a certain defensive ability,Secondly, arrange for manual repair of the damaged large array,Fortunately, Elder Qi’s subordinates survived,Many of them are full-time craftsmen in defense,Even without Elder Qi’s guidance,It can be repaired quickly。
once again,Elder Yi asked Wuju and a group of young backbones to organize a small team to conduct a carpet search on the island,Be sure to quickly find the remaining or left coalition forces on the island and expel them,Where are the recalcitrants,Kill all,No surrender。
Three important things,Elder Yi just breathed a sigh of relief,Arrange as many people as possible to stay at the gate day and night,Then he visited the elders non-stop。
The elder’s injury is also very serious,He was chopped off by elder Jin,Vitality loss,Can’t preside over island affairs,Go back to the place to heal,The two talked about this incident,Are all embarrassed。
The one who shocked the two people the most was Elder Jin,They never thought that the old friend they had been with for many years turned out to be the biggest hidden pile buried on the island by the coalition forces.,I didn’t notice it for so many years,How terrible this is?Does this mean that long ago,The holy emperor has the intention to attack the Five Elements Island?
Not only did the elders not notice,I believe Huo Tianzun and Qiu Kejian didn’t notice,Otherwise it will be cleared long ago,Another problem is also puzzling,Elder Jin successfully hid for so long,Why was it suddenly activated at this time,Could it be that the coalition forces are already very impatient,Or that the Lihuo Rebellion has an unknown secret?
“I’m afraid this is inseparable from the recent work of the Young Palace Master。”Elder Yi clearly stated。
“The Young Palace Master’s approach is certainly not appropriate,But if there is no such thunderbolt means, it is impossible to rectify the disaster。”
“not quite。”Elder Yi shook his head,“The old feeling Li Huo suddenly rebelled,Something strange,But after witnessing Lihuo being killed,Seems to understand something。”
“Old Yi,Although you and I always bumped before,But the old man always respects you as a person,But this time you are a bit too much?”
Credit to the elders,Li Huo’s virtue will go wrong sooner or later,It’s better to leave early than late,What does it have to do with teenagers?and also,Since you always point out the topic, don’t hesitate,Isn’t it OK to open it up??How can you be like Elder Jin,Always make people very anxious。