Ways and means of taking Chinese medicine


Ways and means of taking Chinese medicine

When we are taking Chinese medicine because of illness, we must first distinguish the traits of traditional Chinese medicine, so that the food we take can better absorb the ingredients.

Different Chinese medicines have different methods of administration, and their effects are also different.

Introduce the methods of six traditional Chinese medicine traits.


The way of making the soup: the Chinese medicinal water is decocted into a soup solution, and the slag is warmed.

It is faster and can be flexibly prescribed to adapt to various conditions.

Take it regularly.


Pill (ingot) preparation method: the Chinese medicine is finely ground, and made into round granules with water, honey and powdered paste.

It is convenient to take, is good for a long time, and can be carried with you, and is generally used for chronic diseases.


Powder production method: the Chinese medicine is ground into powdery fine.

Easy to use the drug, in addition to oral administration, or for surgery and laryngology.


How to make the ointment: Decompose the Chinese medicine into juice and concentrate it into a semi-solid.

Moisturizing, generally suitable for body use.


How to make wine: Dip the Chinese medicine into the wine. After a certain period of time, go to the residue to drink alcohol.

Alcohol is good at spreading, passing blood, helping the body to reach the body, applying joint and rheumatism.


How to make the drug dew: The liquid obtained by distilling with fresh and containing the drug containing impurities is fragrant.

It is suitable for external use in the respiratory tract or for muscle aches and pains.