Wang Youcai nodded,He walked into the building with a big belly and looked around。He found that the handover at the end of the year was a little problematic.。Thought of here,Wang Youcai has an inexplicable excitement。

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Xia Jian stayed a little bit after spending two days in the provincial capital。One is that he is really worried about things in the company,I don’t know if Guan Zhenshan and Lin Ruo have gone to the couple.,Besides, staying like this is really boring。
You say he is a big man,I ran to the hospital every day and said a few words with Ma Yan,Nothing else,I have to go back to the hotel to stay at night,What are you saying,You have to suffocate yourself to death。
Ma Yan discovered Xia Jian’s anxiety,She took Xia Jian’s hand and said:“I know you are worried about the company,How about this!Ask the doctor about my production period,If it is far away,You don’t need to stay here,Just let your parents be here,You should go back to the company!Come back when the time comes”
Xia Jianyi listen,I think what Ma Yan said makes sense,He went to Ma Yan’s attending doctor to find out,People say it will be a week later,So after making arrangements for his parents,Say hello to Ma Yan。Go back to the hotel and return his room,Then I drove to Pingdu。
All the way,Xia Jian drove the car very fast,He can’t wait for his wings to fly over。Stayed in the provincial capital these two days,He wants to call Guan Tingna,But he can’t open this mouth,In case Guan Tingna gets stiff with her dad again,What should he say??
So he has been enduring no fight,Guan Tingna may be due to Xia Jian’s inconvenience to answer the phone,So she didn’t call Xia Jian。
Late autumn season,Golden on both sides of the highway,The scenery is indeed a bit charming,But Xia Jian, who was driving the car, didn’t even bother to look at these。
He only rested for ten minutes in the service area halfway,He feels a little sleepy,So I went for a cup of coffee,Then went on to run。
At eight o’clock in the evening,Xia Jiancai arrived in Pingdu。He parked the car under the Donglin Building,Looked upstairs,He found that Guan Tingna’s office was still lit,So he went upstairs。
Gently opened the door and walked in,Guan Tingna is busy with the computer。She saw Xia Jian came,Opened his mouth in surprise。
“How did you come?Isn’t it Ma Yansheng?!”
Guan Tingna said,Stood up。Very obvious,She is tired。
Xia Jian walked over,Asked softly:“What’s the situation now?I am in the provincial capital,But I’ve been worried about you,I’m afraid you and your dad are getting stiff again”
“Humph!how could be?Lin Ruoyun cooperated with it,This is not difficult。The day after you left,With Lin Ruoyun’s cooperation,I accompanied them to Ziyang Temple。Dad is very satisfied with the development of Ziyang View,Can be said to be full of praise。As soon as they come back,Left overnight,Said there is business overseas”
Guan Tingna said,Ha ha smile。Xia Jian can see it,Guan Tingna’s smile is definitely not from the heart。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Really hard for you,When your dad left,Is there any more money?Actually, I am most worried about this,In case he knows what happened between us, he will divest,Then we will be miserable”
“About money,He didn’t mention a word。But from his words, I can find,Dad seems to know something,It’s just that he didn’t click through”