slowly,Looked in front of you,Zhao Sikang himself,Even more directly。

“All right,Actually now,There is no need to continue to consume。”
“It looks to me,These things,Almost ready,Then next,We can also start directly!”
When Zhao Sikang’s words are finished,This moment,It looks like Zhao Sikang,How to deal with this matter。
Just these,In fact, it has become very difficult。
And when Zhao Sikang said this,at this time,Others nodded one after another。
They all know,Zhao Sikang will not say such words for no reason。
But now,Zhao Sikang still said that。
What will it represent,Actually just this,I can feel it no matter how you look at it,It doesn’t seem to be that simple。
And the more so,When Zhao Sikang saw this,,I even said directly to here。
“All right,I don’t want to take care of other things。”
“but now,anyway,I must make him die. It’s ugly!”
Zhao Sikang’s words are finished,at this time,For his side,Also very excited。
After all, now,These things,What should I do。