Online job hunting skills

Online job hunting skills

In fact, online job search should not only include registering resumes on job search sites. The author thinks that it should include all acts of sending resumes online.

Online job search has the advantages of being fast and extensive. If you can use online job search reasonably, I believe it will give you a successful job search plan. However, to improve the success rate of online job search, according to the author’s experience, you must pay attention to the followingseveral aspects.

  * Choose an authoritative job search website. * Now there are all kinds of job search websites, good and bad, so it is necessary to choose an appropriate job search website.

Ordinary job seekers should choose some reliable, preferably talented websites with a government background, such as the National Talent Network, Southern Talent Network and other national websites, and graduates can choose the website set up by the school employment guidance center.Information is generally scrutinized and filtered before it is released. It is targeted and secure, and personal websites often have security vulnerabilities. The information is not highly reliable, and personal data is more likely to be leaked.

  * Resume must be targeted * Due to the lack of a contact in the interview, the production of electronic resumes must be targeted.

One of the benefits of an electronic resume is that it can be modified in a timely manner to highlight the focus of the resume based on the position you are applying for.

In addition, it is better to have a resume created by yourself with a photograph to make it easier for the recruiting unit to read your resume. The main contact information should be written clearly, but variables such as ID numbers do not need to be attached.

  Another is to fill in the resume templates provided by each job site. After the applicants fill out the information, they can send resumes to the enterprise with a click of the mouse, and regularly update and maintain the resumes in order to get more job opportunities.

A senior recruiting consultant from Nanfang Talent Network told us that job seekers should carefully choose the three options of “occupation category”, “working place” and “release time” when filling out a resume template, because recruitment units are usually based onThese 3 job search options to screen talent resumes, the accuracy and suitability are relatively high.

  * CV should not be sent as an attachment. * Graduate Xiaojiang thinks he doesn’t like to apply for a job online. The reason is that Dublin with a long online resume can’t get a response. There may be no one to see the submitted resume. There is no live job fair.The effect comes quickly.

In fact, many companies are worried about being attacked by viruses. They will not even read or even delete the emails sent as attachments. Therefore, it is best for job seekers to send them through the web.Format, and the subject of the email should say “Apply for XXXX position”.

Using a job search website to send a unique electronic resume can avoid this problem, but the form of resuming the resume is more monotonous.

  * When receiving the interview notice, you must ask clearly to avoid being cheated. * By sending your resume online, you can not directly understand the situation of the company by simply introducing some text on the webpage about the recruitment unit., And job seekers have been deceived by black agents.

Therefore, when you receive the interview notice, you must not be complacent. You must understand the situation of the interview unit, the location and the position you are applying for, and do not trust any other party and pay any fees. Generally, formal recruitment units will not askJob seekers recognize any agency fees, so it’s best to make a record every time you apply for a position.