Of course Wang Dazhi understands what Chen Geng meant,Just don’t allow fish in troubled waters,He nodded solemnly:“Mr. Chen, don’t worry,I know the severity。”

Finished,He hesitated,Asked again:“Chengfa Factory……Do you want to send someone??”
“of course。”Chen Geng nodded without hesitation:“And this60Of places,Chengfa Factory accounts for one third。”
one third,Just20A。
Wang Dazhi feels distressed,He pondered,Said:“This one……Mr. Chen,I don’t mean to object,It’s just that Chengfa Factory, they are engaged in engines,This one……is it necessary?”
This guy is actually playing with himself,Chen Geng didn’t say much,I only asked indifferently,Just leave Wang Dazhi speechless:“Doesn’t the engine need to be matched with the aircraft?、Debug??”
Speaking of Holland,The first impression for Chinese people is windmills and tulips,again“Knowledgeable”a little,I probably think of Amsterdam’s famous window@Girl,And think the Netherlands is a paradise for men——Yes,this country,Certain behaviors and transactions that are still spurned in China,Is legal here。
But I am afraid that few people know that the Netherlands is actually one of the ten most developed countries in the world,And the per capita income of the Netherlands is also among the top ten in the world,But Chen Geng doesn’t think this is such a good thing,He is very worried that the housing prices in the Netherlands are comparable to their economic level……
“This company is the largest real estate agency in Amsterdam?”Standing on the sign that says“United Real Estate”The door of the real estate agency,Chen Geng tilts his head to Kaili·Hicks asked。
“Yes,Mr,”Kelly·Hicks says:“This joint property was established in1930year,One of the three largest real estate agency companies in Amsterdam,It is also one of the initiators of the Dutch Real Estate Industry Association,Very good reputation in Amsterdam。”
Chen Geng nodded:“Then go in and have a look。”
You don’t need Chen Geng to push the door,Intermediary、Especially the eyes of the real estate agency,Looking at the door surrounded by bodyguards and assistants, Chen Geng has been looking at his famous brand,The staff inside knows that the master outside is going to deal with himself,And obviously a rich lord。
This is a big customer!
A slender figure、The beautiful blonde with delicate makeup came out quickly,Standing in front of Chen Geng’s alert circle,Kelly glanced quickly·Hicks,Watching kelly·Hicks tailored tailored Prada women’s clothing、Exquisite jewelry,Secretly happy in my heart:Really a big customer!
The smile on his face is getting brighter:“Hello miss,Can i help you?Ok,If you don’t mind,Can come in and rest,Have a cup of coffee by the way。”
Although these words are for Kelly·Hicks said,But the attention of the beauty agency has been on Chen Geng——She knows very well,I can’t deal with the master at the moment,As for my identity,Although I did not introduce myself,But isn’t it on the badge?,Catherine·McAdams,United Real Estate Property Manager。
Kelly·Hicks’ attention is also on Chen Geng,Seeing my boss nodding,Kelly·Hicks just raised his foot,Said to the other party with restraint while walking inside:“minebossThere is a cooperation project with Falkland Company,To send a group of experts to the Netherlands,and so……”
Catherine·McAdams opened his mouth slightly,Expressed his surprise just right:“You are talking about Falkland-United Aviation Technology Corporation?”