“Nothing is wrong,It’s just that your play is too much!”Qiao Tianyu said seriously。

“Lily,We lived together for more than 50 years in the last life,I don’t know you yet?”
“You are a person who values dignity more than life,How could you be punished by Mr. Yamaki because you are worried,And was so scared,Kneel down and beg for mercy,There is no dignity at all?”
“This is too abnormal?This can only show that you are deliberately acting for me,Just to make me love you,Encourage me to quickly lead the five major Wall Street investment banks and international hedge funds to launch a short war against the yen!”
“amount.”Lily scratched her head embarrassedly,“You are right about this point,Maybe my play is a bit too much。”
“What about the second point,What is my second mistake?”Lily still asked puzzledly。
“The second point is that Yamaki Kobayashi,He is your biggest loophole!”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“Mr. Yamaki?What’s wrong with Mr. Yamaki?”Lily asked puzzledly。
“Lily,I just said,‘Kobayashi of London City’But my biggest idol,His inspirational stories and trading techniques have influenced our entire generation of traders。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“So I have done in-depth research on Mr. Yamaki’s trading techniques,Definitely knows well。”
“Overall,Mr. Yamaki is‘To overcast’The founder and highest representative of the trader,His trading strategy is out of the ordinary,Unpredictable。”
“What Mr. Yamaki looks down on most is‘Zhiyang’Trader,He never bothered to use!”
“However, Mr. Yamaki’s trading characteristics today are‘To overcast’‘Zhiyang’The perfect combination of,Breathtaking,Although the technique is almost perfect,But it’s not Mr. Yamaki’s style at all!”
“So i’m pretty sure,Today, Mr. Yamaki must be a fake,And looking at the history of financial investment,Can master at the same time‘To overcast’‘Zhiyang’Two trading techniques,And combine these two techniques into such a perfect master,hardly。”
“So I basically decided,Today this strategy can only be‘To overcast’You and‘Zhiyang’Created by Junji Sato,What you call‘Mr. Yamaki’,Actually you and Sato Junji,I was right?”