He Sinan was also taken aback,I didn’t expect the other party to actually tell him why,And also said so affectionately。

In an instant,He Sinan squinted his eyes,Staring closely at Lu Menglin’s face,Seems to want to see the flaw。
Lu Menglin certainly looks like a Jiyue scenery,Upright。
“Forget it,I gave you this old ginseng!I do not want it!”He Sinan’s face changed slightly,Said loudly。
All the people present heard his words,All stunned。
Everyone thought this rich second generation was going to say so ugly to mock others,I didn’t expect him to be so reasonable,I really gave the old ginseng to others。
At this moment,The little beauty couldn’t help showing a sweet smile,Seeing He Sinan’s eyes are full of worship。
Bullying people based on family history is nothing,Able to tolerate,Be a kind-hearted rich second generation,It’s rare。
Chapter Five Hundred and Five Pharmacy qualification
At this moment,The tall and handsome young man who spoke first was a little unhappy,Poke his partner He Sinan on the shoulder with his fingertips,Smiled:“Did you wake up this morning without taking medicine?I’m not sober, right??I was fooled so easily?Not like you at all!”
He Sinan reached out and patted his companion’s finger,Shrug your shoulders,Smiled:“Not really!I think his storytelling attitude is very sincere,Touched me。I just want to give him the old ginseng。What happened?”
“You are too simple。His sister is only three days away for surgery,I just came out to buy medicine now,Gui Caixin!This kind of lies,I can only lie to you。”The young man who speaks is not polite,It seems that he doesn’t care about it together with He Sinan。
He Sinan smiled,Reply Road:“I care if he is true or not,I just want to let him,I didn’t lose much anyway,You forced a fart!”
The little beauty on the side also nodded,Echo:“Just!We didn’t buy that old ginseng to cure diseases,Just change the ticket,The big deal is the same if you buy other things。”
Heard both of them say so,The other person doesn’t say much anymore,Just a sneer at the corner of his mouth,It seems that he doesn’t look down on He Sinan。