And to curb inflation,How does the Fed do it?

They still follow the traditional governance ideas,Constantly increasing the federal funds rate,Just before christmas eve,The Fed raises the federal funds rate again:Has reached unprecedented levels since World War II18.9%。
18.9%what,Why can the industry earn close20%Such a high profit?
The consequence is that the socio-economic stagnation and inflation in the United States broke out at the same time,The U.S. economy is on the brink of paralysis,People’s purchasing power and ability to pay have been greatly weakened,In this case,“Long-term lease”The introduction of this financial policy,It’s just tailor-made for American families:Own the right to use a car for two or three years at a minimum cost——As for the ownership of this car, it’s not me?Hi!What does it matter,Anyway, this car can be used for me。
One more word here,Why did the United States choose to ease relations with us at this time?Why did China-U.S. relations quickly enter the honeymoon period?,In addition to political reasons,To say that we are not hitting us10The factor of the idea of a market of 100 million people is in it,I’m afraid you don’t believe me either?
But Anderson can’t sit still……
“Boss,Our used car trading volume dropped again last month,”Grimace,Anderson was a little embarrassed to hand over last month’s sales report to Chen Geng:“Compared with last month,Our sales fell last month10.3%……Christmas last month,It stands to reason that the volume should go higher……”
Anderson feels embarrassed,Responsible for the used car business as Mr. Fernandez、Have dividend rights“Prince”,In the month when the business volume should rise the most, the proportion of business decline exceeded double digits,This is unbearable!
But Chen Geng is not angry,He just glanced at the report,After getting a general understanding of the situation, he nodded:“Situation is a bit bad,But it’s not terrible to have problems,It’s terrible but there is no way to solve the problem after discovering the problem……What do you think is the problem?”
“Ford、Chrysler、General andAMCThe impact of our long-term rental strategy on us,”Speaking of which,Anderson’s eyes on Chen Geng couldn’t help but bring a bit of resentment,Others don’t know“Long-term rental business by auto manufacturers”What’s going on,Can he still not know,I can’t say that my boss is the creator of this method,But this“Long-term rental business by auto manufacturers”But he has an indistinguishable relationship with his boss,But the problem is,No matter how he understands what’s going on,He can’t say,Can only hold back:“Many customers who come to buy a car here say,Our monthly payment for a used car is more expensive than their monthly payment for buying a new car。”
Chen Geng said nothing,But nodded。
He can actually understand the user’s psychology,Don’t tell users about ownership issues,For this car user,Three years later, I still need to use this car.,You talk to me about property rights?I just want to use!
under these circumstances,A better one、The monthly payment for a more recent used car is more than one“Long-term car rental”It’s normal for your monthly payment to be even higher,And users naturally cannot accept this。
“So?”Chen Geng asked Anderson:“Do you have any idea?”
Anderson is waiting for Chen Geng’s words,Chen Geng’s voice fell,He said immediately:“I think our second-hand car can also be used for long-term rental。”
“Be more specific,How can you guarantee the warranty??”
“Specifically,,Let’s select some recent years from the car source、Preferably within two years、Cars with better quality to do this long-term rental business,It also provides users with vehicle warranty services during the lease period。