Just when she was about to do it,Have a hand on the shoulder,Open your eyes,Xia Chenglong appeared in front of her with a smile。

Cracked tiger mouth and blood on the corner of the mouth,Are proving what happened just now,But when he comes, it shows that all this is meaningful。
“What to do next?”
“do not be afraid,I have figured out their strength,We should have won this gamble!”
Xia Chenglong’s voice is not loud,It can be heard by Tu Jiazhu or Zong Xueqin。
Because the voice is full of confidence and affirmation,So even they can’t be sure what this man means at the moment?
I want to escape from the two masters who ask the gods,No matter how you think about this kind of thing, it seems impossible,Unless Xia Chenglong also reaches the level of asking the gods at this moment,But they don’t allow each other to do this。
Patriarch Tu is frowning,He is thinking,Thinking about what Xia Chenglong’s ability still has,Go to boast about Haikou。
Zong Xueqin is frowning too,She knows the strength of this man,When the other party says this, it means that he really has such strength。
But she can’t think of it,Then use all your strength to let him be buried here forever。
So it’s a deal,So her whole body aura began to gather again,Patriarch Tu’s are also gathering,They are serious。
The original capture becomes the hunt,This is equivalent to reducing the difficulty by several levels,So what they have to do next is very simple,That is to greet Xia Chenglong with the strongest martial arts。