After signing,Mr. Zhou declined Gao Qiang’s offer to invite him to play for a few days,He still has a lot to do,No time to relax!

Wang Lin stayed,Lead a team to develop related businesses in Tianfu,At the same time supervise the management decisions of Gaoda Group。
After Gao Qiang got the loan,,Immediately repaid the 20 billion loan from the local bank!
Those banks saw Gaoda Group really paid back the money,Immediately put on another face,Long-term loans to Gaoda Group。
Gao Qiang didn’t want these loans,Because of lessons learned,Made him feel jealous。
To speak up,That is impossible。
Gao Qiang is not the first day to enter the workplace,Not the first day as a manager。。
Emotions,Simply redundant!
Only benefits,Is the most important。
I accompany Gao Qiang to repay,I kicked him when I saw it,Two people go out to the bathroom with excuses。
“Dahui,what do you mean,We continue to use their loans?”Gao Qiang understands what I mean。
“For sure,Their original loan interest is not high。”
I whispered:“Since the change of attitude now,We took the opportunity to talk more about terms,Get a longer loan with a larger amount。Don’t forget we are going to do real estate business,What to do without funds?”
Gao Qiang suddenly realized,He has forgotten this stubbornness!
After returning to the meeting room,I will play double acting with Gao Qiang!
I pretend Father Gao doesn’t agree to continue the loan,Even if you are short of money, go to other places to get loans。
People have large loans for a long time and low interest rates,And it’s also in the form of interest-before-paying!
Gao Qiang seemed a little hesitant,Unsure。
At this moment,Strong phone rang,The bank called to ask about the loan。
High-strength mobile phones are loud,Even standing on the balcony to answer the phone,We can also hear clearly!