“Those two bags!It was you who didn’t believe me,Said to help me out but not help!Shouldn’t you be responsible?”Li Xiang immediately lowered the asking price,Leopard thought for a while,Speak slowly:“Ok,Two is two,as long as you are happy。I really don’t understand why you like bags so much!”

“Don’t you also like gold chains and want to buy them?Don’t you also like to hold your eldest brother’s power??A woman’s bag is not just a thick gold chain on a man’s neck,Isn’t it the eldest brother in your hands??People will say my boyfriend is amazing!But give you a long face!”Li Xiang knows Abao eats this set。
“You don’t have to buy so many?I owe you six bags!”Abao also promised other gifts,Li Xiang coaxed her to give it when she was upset,And when Abao was happy, he offered to give her away,But all agreed,I’ll give it after the holidays,Li Xiang didn’t want to,But Abao did not let go。
Because the accounts are too obvious,Now spend less and make a lot of money。
For Abao,When I was in full swing with Li Xiang,He doesn’t care about the cost。right now,How to say all kinds of intimate interactions,Although it is still very enthusiastic and not tired of it,But you can calmly calculate the cost。
“Only six!”Li Xiang pouted,Very disapproving。
“correct,Why didn’t I see you using the one I bought before??”Leopard suddenly remembered,Raised a mouth。
“My mom likes,Used it。”Li Xiang answered casually,But actually that bag is very expensive,She happened to have a friend who liked it,She sold it at a discount。She directly asked Abao for money,I want luxury goods for realizing it,Unless you really like it, you will leave it for personal use and make up the facade。“correct,My birthday next month,What do you say then?”
“It will be lively,Place you decide,What gift do you want?。”Leopard is very atmospheric。
“Just know hello!Ok,I’ll call a few sisters to come,You must not be crooked towards them?”A place to celebrate,Li Xiang has already thought about it,Routine,She is going to play the previous one again,I don’t make a lot of money on my birthday,That would be a shame。
Because at that time,Abao said,He will have a lot of money!
Abao just wanted to let Li Xiang be in front of her sisters,His Leopard Million’s girlfriend celebrated his birthday,How can there be no pomp?
Chen Wenjin got home in Xiao Xiao’s car,When getting off,Xiao Xiao suddenly called him,And got out of the car。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven information,concern
Chen Wenjin saw Xiao Xiao’s expression very serious,Some guesses for a while,Just listen to her honestly:“Your attitude towards Abao’s friends today,Obviously deliberately let them misunderstand our relationship。I know you had other considerations,but,I hope there will be no more such things,That experience is terrible,I hate。You have a girlfriend,I’m very mind。”