Half of Wona’s body was almost completely pressed on Xia Jian,The plump Xia Jian blushed on the woman’s chest。When passing through the passage of the bar,There was a lot of discussion behind him,You may see him as a little white face。

Just stopped a car up,Una reported the name of the hotel she was staying in,This makes Xia Jian a little relieved,She seems to be sober。The car is slowly moving in the stream of traffic,Wona hugged Xia Jian’s arm with both hands,Keep talking drunk,Xia Jian didn’t hear these words clearly,She probably speaks Ukrainian。
A foreign woman on her body,Look at others with a slightly envious look,Xia Jian’s vanity is infinitely expanding,He even hummed a little song with Jiujin。
The phone in his pocket rang,Xia Jian took a look,Seeing that it was from Wang Lin,He connected and asked:“what happened?Chen Xia is okay?“
“Nothing,She just drank a little,I send her back,Then go back to the hotel,Wait for me at the hotel!“Wang Lin finished,Hung up。
Xia Jian looked out the car window,Suddenly remembered a sentence“By the side of a successful man,The only thing is women“I don’t know who said this sentence,But he thinks it makes sense。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was thinking wildly,The car stopped in front of a hotel,The driver turned around and smiled at Xia Jian:“Mr. Arrived,In total96yuan“
“and also!So far?“Xia Jian shook Wona beside him,Began to pay。
The driver still said with a smile:“Ok!This one is really far away,But close to the airport“This seems to be an old driver,Know the habits of guests staying in hotels。
Xia Jian handed over one hundred yuan,So pretend to be generous:“keep the change“
Oona who got out of the car,Looks sober,But her hands always hold Xia Jian’s arms,The two walked into the hotel like a couple。
The little girls at the front desk looked at them with surprised eyes,Xia Jian can’t figure out the meaning in their eyes,walk my own path,Let others talk later!
Just entered the room,Wona pushed Xia Jian away and rushed into the bathroom,Then came the vomiting sound,Then came the sound of rushing water。