I finally waited for it.。

Lu Hao,Girl looking at the side,Gentle smile,Say:“Blue,They let the two lives,How similar is to us?!”
Lan Xin looks at him,The eye flows with tears,She laughed:“Lu Hao Cheng,sorry,I don’t know how to love someone.。but,If you don’t discard me,Three children who don’t have to abandon me,Our teacher tries to see,If it is last,We are suitable for each other,Then。”
Lu Haozheng,He can’t worry,He has waited for so many years.,Later day,He still wait for it.。
Pulling this girl in front of you,She will escape and maybe it is possible.。
Moreover, there is still a very important thing that does not tell blue blue,He is a child father,http://www.space-key.cn Must wait for their feelings,He can say it。
In fact, people who want to say that the people are he is him.。
“Blue,sorry,I will make you difficult.!”
Blue Xindao:“Is this what apologized??”
Lu Haocheng laughed,“It is indeed very interesting,But with you,I feel interesting everything.,Now I live in your next door.,I am still very practical at night.,I also have a little nightmare。”
Talk with a nightmare,Blue Xin, don’t think of he dreams.,Dream is her。
He shouted her name over and over again.,That kind of feeling that is afraid,She can understand at the side.,He in the dream,Should be more painful。
She looked at the man,Still quietly look at her,Uncomfortable gentle,She also laughed,Say:“Lu Hao Cheng,I am more bitter than Jian!”
Lu Hao Cheng:“I know!”
Blue Xin:“But I am very strong!”
NS558chapter:Yan Yaojing

NS558chapter:Yan Yaojing
Lu Haocheng Road:“Blue,You are a very strong girl from a small to most.。”
Blue,Thank you for your adherence over the year.,Because you insist on these years and brave,Can we meet this?。
I see her mild smile every day.,He feels that everything is worth it.。
Lan Xin bowed,Drink a milk tea,The mouth is full of strawberry flavor,With a sweet happiness。
At this time, I looked at Lu Hao Cheng.,She doesn’t know what to say.?
Only full of gratitude in my heart。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“fool,Just now,This popcorn, you have never eaten。”
Blue Xin laughs,“Movie plot is very touching,I have ran to the movie.,Among the meals, I have a lot of food.,Don’t want to eat,Take back to Kiki to eat.!”
Lu Hao nodded,road:“Blue,This is my first time I went to the cinema to watch movies.。But you are accompanying you,I am really happy.,At that time, we said that I went to watch movies.,When we were young, there was a movie called childhood.,Very hot。I said that I will take you on http://www.selmarkshop.cn Saturday.,Can not wait until that day,I will lose you.。”
Blue Xin thought about it,Loudly,“Lu Hao Cheng,I later saw the movie.,I like the little actress in the movie.,She is full of green ring,Very exciting to interpret your childhood,Although learning is not very good,It is a good girl.。”
Lu Haozheng disappointed,“I have never been to,I am in the beginning of my morning.,I am looking for you around you.,When I was high school,I am looking for you,I will go to college,Start startup,But still find you。After I step into society,Still looking for you,Look for,I really found you.。”
Lu Hao thought,Repeatedly,“Blue,We are under the tree of your house,I have buried the wish of our two people.,At that time, you didn’t show me.,Waiting for time,Let’s go back,Dig it out,I want to see what you wrote at the time.?”
Blue Xin is http://www.castcollege.cnslightly surprised to look at him,Do they have done such a thing when they were young??
Feel good romance!I feel stupid,Daily,I don’t know when it will hang it.。