Really speechless。


How should Xiao Fan answer Lin Yoona to that question?? If you answer yes,Doesn’t it seem that I am too arrogant。 but,If you say that you answer negatively,if that’s the case,Don’t you seem to be too hypocritical?? after all,A big family like the Shen family,Stomping casually in Yunshi,Yunshi is going to have three earthquakes。 Even […]

Or it is,Who made her Lin Yoona’s affection for Xiao Fan so deep?!


so,It’s almost a few seconds,Lin Yuner’s face couldn’t be stretched anymore。 and,Not only my face can’t be stretched,The look directly came to a big turn of 180 degrees,The foot is like the wind on the bottom of the foot,Three steps directly and two steps to Xiao Fan。 “alright,Am I kidding you?Why are you so serious?”Lin […]

And to curb inflation,How does the Fed do it?


They still follow the traditional governance ideas,Constantly increasing the federal funds rate,Just before christmas eve,The Fed raises the federal funds rate again:Has reached unprecedented levels since World War II18.9%。 18.9%what,Why can the industry earn close20%Such a high profit? The consequence is that the socio-economic stagnation and inflation in the United States broke out at the […]

“I don’t know if King Sedum still remembers the previous City Lord of the Heavens?Zhutian City’s world coordinates are also available,Big Sedum thinks that Big Yingzheng will attack Zhutian City?”


Nezha looked at the blank Sedum before him,Said quietly,He remembers clearly,There seems to be something between the girl in Zhutian City and Sedum,therefore,Nezha feels he has to remind Jingtian。 The Yingzheng tycoon will attack Zhutian City soon,If Jing Tian really has anything to do with the city lord of the heavens,Think about the countermeasures early。 […]

He Sinan was also taken aback,I didn’t expect the other party to actually tell him why,And also said so affectionately。


In an instant,He Sinan squinted his eyes,Staring closely at Lu Menglin’s face,Seems to want to see the flaw。 Lu Menglin certainly looks like a Jiyue scenery,Upright。 “Forget it,I gave you this old ginseng!I do not want it!”He Sinan’s face changed slightly,Said loudly。 All the people present heard his words,All stunned。 Everyone thought this rich second […]

This time,The dark races that descended are much stronger than the ones that appeared on the earth before.,Because they are the dark dragon clan,Even if it is a god nation,I also feel a headache for this tyrannical race,Not to mention the humans on earth。


These monsters that appeared,Huge body,Each one has a height of about five meters,Among them, the particularly majestic one has reached a height of eight meters.。 The strength of these dark races,Seems to have always been proportional to their body,The stronger the body,Huge creature,Stronger,Have more power。 These dark dragons,Each one resembles the legendary ogre giant,And they […]

At this moment,Huazai stand up,Walk towards the door,Leaned down,Pick up something。


Everyone is a little curious,Don’t know what it is。But someone noticed,It seems that the middle-aged man accidentally fell off just now? “What does this thing come from?Hu Ge,Is it worth the money??”Hua Zi handed it to Populus。 Populus was a little surprised,Smiled:“It’s a baby,If that guy comes back and asks,Everyone said they didn’t see it,who […]

“Never see you again。”Chen Wenjin buckled the belt,Yang started,Left without looking back。


He doesn’t care what Sister Huo thinks,He just wants to draw a line with this troublesome girl,Only when、Should never have known。 The girl who fell on the ground stood up,Looking at a companion who passed out,Grabbing hair,Shouted in shock:“I rely on!This is too exaggerated!This world really has martial arts?” “I didn’t believe it before——What martial […]

When Jiang Tao represents the magic city@When the government came to convey the meaning of the city to Chen Geng,Chen Geng was surprised,He knows that the magic city is very important,But also optimistic about the result,But based on his understanding of the government’s behavior in this era,Chen Geng felt that it would be fast to negotiate a result within three months to six months.,It turned out that it was only the next day,The Magic Capital Government sent someone to negotiate on their own?


Jiang Tao’s silly smile:“This one,The leaders mainly want to hear your general idea of this cooperation。” Chen Geng nodded:“Of course, no problem。” Jiang Tao’s purpose,I just want to know the loan interest rate provided by myself,The profit distribution method after the completion of the bridge and the toll period,Of course these are not problems,But not […]

“Qin Feng,What do you think of her。”Southern Palace Lord said。


“Why?How i think she?This is very easy to misunderstand!”Of course Qin Feng knows Song Fenfang,Wasn’t he the Beixiong army camp he went to when Fat Jiang Chao asked Qin Feng to pull people?。Then I think this female officer has great potential。 It’s just that I wanted to pull someone and was rejected。In the end, he […]