“Let it go!”


Lu Haocheng went to the elevator,The two sits on another elevator to go to the 5th floor.。 Lu Haoge just entered,The phone rang.。 “Hey!Landscape,Where are you now?” European:“Police station,Are you over??” Lu Hao Cheng:“ended,How is the situation?,Sub-heng it?” European:“The child is still in operation,The evidence is all destroyed by them.,Catch a few bodyguards,But they resolutely […]



Now。 Summer show tiger leopard thunder,At the same time, try to integrate into Taiji nine steps。 Shaping,A http://www.jllongda.cnstep in a rock,Then after the soul,Reach a balance,Mood,A pedestal。 Happen。 In summer, I feel that my body’s distance is running.。 As if there is a huge force to drive behind。 咻,畔 畔 畔 畔。 Step across,He actually […]

aLevel female Wushen is already alone,And Santa Fer Ya can go to school at everyone.,Let everyone becomeaLevel female Wushen。


Is this attractive not enough?,Not to mention Han River is male! Factual prove,This group of people in the heart is still very gentleman。 In Hanjiang so arrogant http://www.zgwhjl.cnprovocation,They still decide one by one。 They decided within the internal decision,The first shit of the male standing out。 “Atana Wushes·Mizsuka,strengthaclass,Good at Knight Sword……” Han Jiang smashed the […]

I finally waited for it.。


Lu Hao,Girl looking at the side,Gentle smile,Say:“Blue,They let the two lives,How similar is to us?!” Lan Xin looks at him,The eye flows with tears,She laughed:“Lu Hao Cheng,sorry,I don’t know how to love someone.。but,If you don’t discard me,Three children who don’t have to abandon me,Our teacher tries to see,If it is last,We are suitable for each […]