Four misunderstandings about the use of masks may be disfiguring_1


Four misunderstandings about the use of the mask may be disfiguring Presumably the extra MMs are all mask madmen, I believe these tips are useful for mask madmen or entry-level people, to share with you.   Myth TOP1: I love facial masks. I have to apply them every day. It is a big meal in skin […]

Wellness Movement-Swing


Wellness Movement-Swing The swing was called “Autumn Move” in the ancient times, which means to move with a leather rope in your hand. It is said that the swing was originally called “Dang Qianqiu”, and its custom was first created by the Shanrong tribe in the north. It was later passed on to the Central […]

Top 10 Workplace Puzzles 9


Top 10 Workplace Puzzles 9 The birth of the top ten workplace confusions has gone through two rounds of “citizen-expert-citizen-expert” selection. It is understood that all the confusions come from the citizens. At the beginning of the event, the organizing committee issued information to the society to collect the confusions. More than 300 workplace confusions […]

Emergency: Am I really a flower idiot?


Emergency: Am I really a “flower idiot”? [Psychological Clinic]Mr. Qi, who is introverted, came to the psychological clinic. “I never thought I would come here. Mr. Qi, who is a teacher, said, “My wife and I are college classmates who have been married for five years. They have a good relationship. Somehow I’m tired and […]

Parent-child games by age


Parent-child games by age For children, play is all the fun of their lives; for parents, play is one of the best ways to educate children. In order to support children’s play activities, parents should not only prepare play fields and spaces, but also provide appropriate and abundant play materials (including toys). They should also […]

How to choose the quality of proprietary Chinese medicines


How to choose the quality of proprietary Chinese medicines Chinese herbal ingredients of Sunflower Stomach Kangling From January to October 2010, the Chinese herbal medicine Baiji increased from 12 yuan / kg to 20 yuan / kg, up 67%; Baiji increased from 75 yuan / kg to 165 yuan / kg, up 120%; Panax notoginseng […]

Raise your hands and stay healthy


Raise your hands and stay healthy When it comes to sports, people often think of long-distance running, boxing, and sword dancing, but I stay at home and exercise at home.   Comb your hair. 2 to 3 times a day, 3 to 5 minutes each time, can clear the meridians, promote blood circulation and regulate nerve […]

Women should have at least three boyfriends


Women should have at least three boyfriends First, lover reading makes a woman beautiful, fitness makes a woman beautiful, etc., can not keep up with the beauty effect of love. Without love, it is easiest for a woman to give up on herself; a woman who is chaotic in her private life must be a […]

Cleansing coups to create pore-free skin golden muscle_1


Cleansing coup to create pore-free golden skin Did you find it? Skin without pores usually looks fairer and younger, because enlarged pores are the first signs of aging! After the age of 25, due to skin aging, collagen and elastic fiber tissues gradually decrease and lose elasticity. Therefore, if the pores lose support, they will […]

Brain prevention and health


Brain prevention and health Develop a good lifestyle: Eat a good breakfast. There has always been a saying that “eat good breakfast, eat full lunch, eat less dinner”, but because the morning is the most stressful, and some children are lazy, they have no time to eat breakfast.   In this way, the damage to the […]