The benefits of naked sleep and the precautions must not be seen


锘? The benefits of naked sleep and the precautions must not be seen The benefits of naked sleep Many people have the habit of sleeping naked, reducing the restraint of clothing on the naked sleep, giving people an unfettered comfort; and increasing the skin and air contact surface, which is conducive to blood circulation and […]

Gu Yu living health


锘? Gu Yu living health Gu Yu health (living) Valley rain after the rain increases, the humidity in the air gradually increases. At this time, we adjust the trajectory of the unchangeable natural environment in the health, and adjust the internal environment (physiological changes in the body) through the internal regulation of the human body.The […]

Eye care, nutrition is very important


锘? Eye care, “nutrition” is very important The eyes are important organs of the human body. Long-term use of the eyes, such as reading books, watching TV, and computers, can cause eye fatigue, general fatigue, and extreme mental stress; malnutrition, the end result is decreased vision. 銆€銆€Common symptoms of eye fatigue are headache, brain swelling, […]

Tongue work, beauty, anti-aging


锘? Tongue work, beauty, anti-aging Chinese medicine believes that the tongue is closely related to the health of the five internal organs. Moreover, the tongue is often used for exercise, which not only benefits the health of the five internal organs, but also nourishes the skin and delays aging. 銆€銆€The director of the Department of […]